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     Club News and  Announcements 

           Next Club Meeting 

             12:00 Noon 20th of April 2019   at Pfeiffer Field.
            In the Mt. Rainier Remote Control Society club house located at:

            1516 Harts Lake Road Pierce County Washington.

            Field is open for flying before and after the meeting.

      NewItem ---> Buttons & Areas:

      We have added a New Button to the Menu on the left called   YouTube Videos , in this area
       you will find 4 drop down buttons off it with 4 more areas of YouTube Videos.
      These are the 5 total new Video Areas we have added off these New Buttons:

         The Main YouTube Buttons          =     Members Videos produced toYouTube
         The first Drop Down Button         =     New Released Product Videos                
         The second Drop Down Button   =     Interesting RC Videos                               
         The third Drop Down Button        =     Glider Videos for our Glider members   
         The forth Drop Down Button        =     Training Type Videos and Information  

        NewItem --->  Today 4/5/2019,
                               we just added 10 New Flite Test Training Videos to the Trainer Are.

            Added by the Webmaster

        Be sure to check the EVENTS Page for New Announcements.
           Added by the Webmaster

      MRRCS has scheduled a 2m Tales Glider Fly In On July 13th. 2019
      at the Club Flight Field.
         (see the events page)  Submitted by Cary Thorogood

      The Club has just announced a Open Electric Fly-In Sat. May 4th. 2019.
      (see the events page)
        Submitted by Tom Randall

       2019’s Announcements:   All new announcement items will be added here.

      Indoor Flying Events: Click HERE for the RAMS Schedule PDF.

      This month we have added several new listings in the Classifieds
      You may want to click over to the Classifieds Area and check them out.

      Update of the items posted from Gerry Pless at the bottom of the Classifieds page of items from
      Dan Johnson
        Added by the Webmaster

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