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Mt. Rainer Remote Control Society

Pfeiffer Field 1516 Harts Lake Loop Road Pierce County Washington

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  Mt. Rainier Remote Control Society Field and Flying Rules

Field Security
Member keys fit the gate lock, the well house lock, and the two outside water hydrant locks.
The person opening the gate shall insert the lock in the bolt and close the lock.
The last person to leave the field is responsible to ensure that all areas are secure.

Radios and Frequency Control
Only frequencies authorized by the Federal Communications Commission will be used for control of aircraft.
All radios not in use are to be stored in the impound rack.
No radio will be turned on unless the appropriate frequency pin is attached.
If a club trainer box is used, the pin for the slave radio is not required.
If other than a club trainer box is used, the pin for both the slave and master are required.
Newly installed radios and radios involved in a crash will be range checked before flight.

Field Safety
The Official AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code shall govern all operations.
A copy is posted in the sunshade and each AMA member receives a copy from AMA when the annual membership is renewed.
A fire extinguisher must be available when gasoline engines are operated.
Models may be taxied only from the yellow line on the run-up pad to the runway.
Taxi from the runway to the run-up pad or the pits is prohibited.
All persons not involved in model operations must remain behind the fence line or in the sunshade.
Spectators desiring to visit the pit area may do so on request and if accompanied by a club member.
Only pilots, instructors, callers, or spotters are allowed on the flight line; no more than two persons per pilot station.
Pets must be restrained and kept north of the fence line.

Flight Operations
Only four aircraft may be airborne at the same time.
Pilots will use the marked pilot boxes.
All flying will be conducted on the open field side of the yellow safety line (the near edge of the asphalt runway)
and within club property boundaries.
Use of the grass strip and grass overruns is permitted, but pilots must remain in the marked pilot boxes unless no other aircraft are in flight.
Pilots will announce take off, touch and go, and landing operations.
If necessary to cross the runway or retrieve a model from the runway, other pilots will be informed prior to doing so.
With prior notification to, and agreement from other fliers, hand launching may be accomplished from any position on the
open field side (south) of the yellow safety line and in any direction other than towards the yellow safety line.
All other flight operation rules apply.
Taxing out from the pit area is allowed only from area shown Here
Taxing in from the runway is not allowed

Helicopter Flight Rules
Helicopter pilots must follow all of the same AMA and MRRCS flight rules as fixed wing aircraft pilots.
Must take off and land from the center of the paved runway while the pilot stands in an established pilot box.
Helicopter pilots must get permission to fly from all fixed wing pilots who are already in the air before they proceed beyond the yellow safety line.
Fixed wing aircraft have the right of way over helicopters anytime they share MRRCS air space.
All helicopter flight operations must be conducted over the grass beyond the far edge of the runway.
Only one helicopter pilot shall be permitted to fly anytime there are fixed wing aircraft already in the air.

Extended engine operation for break in or extended tuning will be accomplished in the vicinity of the green and brown sheds.
Internal combustion engines will not be operated before 8 A.M.
Acceptable engine noise is 96 dB, or less, at 9 feet at full throttle.
No open fires except in the marked area near the green shed.
A connected water hose must be at the ready.

This is the Property Boundaries Map for the Flight Field of MRRCS

Changes and Amendments: November 20, 2001, November 19, 2005, September 18, 2010, December 18, 2010