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Mt. Rainer Remote Control Society

Pfeiffer Field 1516 Harts Lake Loop Road Pierce County Washington

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New Membership

    Persons 18 and older: Dues will be $150 from January 1st til June 30th, July 1st and til December 31st will be $75.
    Plus a $50 fee for runway improvement will be due for all new members.
    Dues for persons under age 18 and full time students (ages 18 to 21) are $50.00 a year.
    Please contact registrar ( for more information.
    Dues are not required for a spouse, family member not yet 18,
    or a family member that is a full-time student (age 18-21).
    Active duty military: please contact the registrar ( before completing the application.

    To become an MRRCS club member, please take the following steps:

    Complete an application.
    The application is an Adobe Acrobat PDF form and can be downloaded and FEILD IN, then printed out.
    Applications must include a current AMA membership number for an open full membership.
    Applications received without a current AMA number will be returned.
    We do not accept the Park Flyer or Introductory memberships.
    Print the completed application, sign it, and include a check or money order payable to MRRCS.
    See the pro-rate schedule or contact the registrar by E-Mail if any questions.
    Mail to the address at the bottom of the application. Your membership packet will normally be in the mail to you the next business day after receipt of a proper application and dues payment.


    Annual dues of $150.00 are due no later than January 31st of each year.
    Current AMA is still required between January 1st to 31st.
    A full open AMA membership for the renewal year is required. If the AMA  Membership Verification page shows a current membership, no further proof is required. Otherwise, include a copy of the card or other verification to include the AMA membership number. If you include the actual card, the membership sticker will be applied and the card will be laminated and returned.
    Download the newest application, only one applicant per application. Complete the application and print it.
    Sign the application, include check or money order and AMA proof (if required).
    Mail to the address at the bottom of the application.


Membership Application - MRRCS APP 2020.pdf